About Us

What is the UBC Baja Team?

UBC Baja is a student-run engineering design team focused on designing, building and racing an off-road vehicle. Our team is full of knowledge and ambition, and Baja is an outlet for our passion and engineering. It’s a place where we can take theories that we’ve learned in the lecture hall and implement them into physical products. We compete annually against universities from across the globe in international SAE Collegiate Design racing competitions. This year we're excited to be attending competition in Portland, Oregon. Please check back regularly for status updates, as we work towards completing this years' vehicle in time for competition in May.

SAE Baja is an annual student design competition put on by the Society of Automative Engineers (SAE). The competition takes place over three days where each team's vehicle is judged on a series of static and dynamic events. The static events include cost and design presentations as well as vehicle inspection. The presentations are intended to test students' ability to justify their design choices and the feasibility of the design on a commercial market. Once passed inspection the vehicles compete in a hill climb, acceleration test, maneuverability test and a 4 hour endurance race.

Who is the UBC Baja Team?

Enoa Preston


Enoa Preston is the captain of the 2017-2018 UBC BAJA team. Growing up in Hawaii, Enoa spent a lot of time working in his grandfather's shop and became familiar with the practical side of engineering. Currently in his fourth year of integrated engineering, Enoa is working on his capstone project and leading the team. 

Working with the Baja team for the last four years, Enoa has become extremely familiar and invested with the team and strives for the best. While being very involved with the design process, Enoa also focuses on managing the administration and treasury of the team. 

Daniel Granger



Daniel Granger is the co-captain of the 2017-2018 UBC BAJA team. Daniel grew up in Alberta and is currently in his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering. With a passion for vehicles and fabrication, Daniel hopes to merge his mechanical engineering degree and passion for custom vehicle design into a career.

After being on the team for the last four years, Daniel is now in charge of setting the major vehicle design goals. He has completely re-designed the suspension geometry for the 2018 season and is excited to see how the improved vehicle dynamics perform at competition.  In Addition to being the suspension design lead, Daniel is also the team’s welder and social media manager. 

Damian Parlee


Damian Parlee is the lead of the UBC Baja's design and frame sub-teams. He grew up on Vancouver Island, and is currently in his third year of mechanical engineering. Damian hopes to find a career that combines his passion for bikes with his experience in mechanical design

In his off-time, Damian built a 3d-printer, which is currently being used by UBC Baja to print functional parts as well as test parts before manufacturing.

Adrien Noble


Adrien Noble is the lead of the UBC Baja drive train sub-team. Coming to UBC from Kingston Ontario, Adrien is currently in his third year mechanical engineering. With a passion for design, Adrien sees himself working in a design aspect of engineering. 

This is only Adrien's second year on the Baja team, but he has a vital role. With the project of a custom design gearbox he can often be founding working in the bay and 3D printing prototypes. 

Kate Mason


Kate Mason is the lead for the UBC Baja's steering sub-team. She grew up in Surrey and is currently in her fourth year of Integrated Engineering. With a strong interest in automobiles and design, Kate is looking for a career in the automotive industry. 

This being her second year on the team, Kate plays a vital role in timeline management on top of her managing her sub team. With an active lifestyle Kate can either be found in the bay or out playing a sport.

Madeline Odegaard

Madeline Odegaard is the lead for the UBC Baja's brake sub-team. She grew up in Kamloops and is currently in her third year of mechanical engineering. 

Madi plays an important role in admin on top of her managing brakes. 

Emrick Rurange


Emrick Rurange is the lead for the UBC Baja's mechatronics sub-team. He came to UBC from Philadelphia and is currently in his fourth year of mechanical engineering. With a strong base in designing and running code, Emrick hopes to find a career in technical designing. 

Being the lead of the mechatronics means Emrick is constantly working with code and data acquisition systems. You can often find him in the bay running tests on the car.