As October starts and the year slowly starts to come to an end the UBC Baja team is starting to move fast. Thirteen new members were selected to join the team in September from a large group of applicants, and with the new talent and fresh minds this year’s car is looking promising. Each team member is prepared for the ambitious schedule we have full of designing and fabricating. For this years car, we are redesigning every single aspect of it. The frame’s design is almost complete and by the end of the week the suspension geometry will be designed. Smaller, more focused sub teams will begin to design the suspension, steering, drive train, and electrical instrumentations.¬†With the ambitious goal of having all of the designing done by December 1st there’s never a quiet moment on the Baja team.

We are very happy to have successfully registered for the Baja SAE competition in Portland, Oregon. The competition is to take place from May 20th to June 2nd 2018 and we will be competing against 99 other university teams. After our great results last year, we are striving to do even better this year. With the lucky number 13 and a brand new custom design we are very excited for Oregon.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page (link can be found on the Media page) and to our Instagram (@UBCBAJA) for more progress videos like this.


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