Baja SAE Kansas 2017


  • Overall: 38th out of 120
  • Sled pull: 8th
  • Sales: 10th
  • Maneuverability: 36th
  • Design: 40th
  • Acceleration: 46th
  • Endurance 49th

Unfortunately we didn't get to run the suspension and traction event due to a thunderstorm. For the endurance race we were out for the race for two of the 4 hours fixing some mechanical issues. We melted a CVT primary because of a fuel delivery issue that resulted in a run away engine, had to solve the fuel delivery issue and replace a broken Ackerman arm. Once that was sorted the car ran flawless for the remainder of endurance (save for one rollover by Dan), and we were on pace by lap time to finish in 6th.

Overall it was an excellent learning experience. We are a young team of dedicated and passionate members and we are striving to improve every year.

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